Mold Assistance

Optimizing Mold Performance

At Erwes Reifenberg, we understand that your molds are at the heart of your operations. That’s why we offer comprehensive Mold Assistance services to ensure your molds perform optimally and efficiently.

Mold Service Excellence at Your Fingertips

On-Site Support

Our qualified mold makers provide global mold start-up assistance and on-site training for seamless production.


Service Excellence

Our specialized refurbishment center with ultrasonic cleaning ensures mold longevity. We offer post-sales mold analysis, optimizations, and spare part management to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Optimizing Mold Performance

Our commitment to your success extends beyond initial mold production. Our after-sales mold analysis helps enhance productivity, especially after extended periods of mold usage. We’re here to ensure that your molds continue to deliver outstanding results.

We also offer mold optimizations and changes for external molds. Whether it’s improving performance, implementing changes, or enhancing efficiency, our experts are ready to assist.

Additionally, our spare part management service simplifies your mold maintenance by ensuring that you always have the right spare parts on hand, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

At Erwes Reifenber, we take pride in being your trusted partner in mold assistance, ensuring that your molds are always in top-notch condition to support your production needs.



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