Managing Director at FM Plast

FM has been working in partnership with Erwes Reifenberg for more than 40 years now. I am always amazed at how well Erwes Reifenberg understands their customers’ needs and how our wishes are promptly implemented in high-quality tool technology. The support in the development of new products is also great. As a supplier of articles in the packaging sector, we can only be successful for a long time with high-quality tool technology – this is possible with Erwes Reifenberg as a partner.


Plant Manager at Arab Medical

We are working with Erwes Reifenberg for 23 years now, and we have implemented more than 30 projects during this period. From the professional article development, including corresponding functional analyses, to the project processing that runs absolutely professional and without any deviations in any case. All projects have been implemented successfully and we have trust in the quality and the long lifetime of the Erwes Reifenberg injection moulds. Also the spare part management and the fast reaction time of the after sale service is commendable. In any case, Erwes Reifenberg is a trustful and reliable partner for our success.


Regional Purchasing at Henkel

As a large scale enterprise it’s important to have reliable partners globally. That’s because our major function is to coordinate our internal demand in different countries from one location. Therefore it’s absolutely necessary to invest in high tech injection moulds. We have to make sure, that we have downtimes which are low as possible, because we need to plan and calculate with the maximum possible output of our injection moulds. Out of this reason we work with our reliable injection mould supplier Erwes Reifenberg.


Managing Director at AFK Kunststoffverarbeitung

We have been working for the pharmaceutical industry for many years.
Despite the known high requirements and the tight deadlines, we manage to satisfy customers to the fullest. Mutual competence, at Erwes Reifenberg and AFK, in mould making and injection molding, as well as the trust between us form the foundation for the sustainable success of everyone involved!


CEO – Managing Partner Embankment Plastics Limited

We have been working for co. Henkel as a converter for almost 20 years with the injection mold technology of the company Erwes Reifenberg

The reliability of the injection molds and all services are really exemplary.


Engineering & Projects Head AT NATPACK EGYPT

In order to achieve high efficiency, as a well-known producer of plastic articles, we also need a high degree of flexibility and reliability of our suppliers. In this respect, we are really grateful that we are working with Erwes.Reifenberg as a partner for our tool technology. In addition to the self-evident nature of high-quality tool technology, we are offered an exemplary service that is far above average.

Really recommendable !



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