Pioneering Prototyping Excellence

At Erwes Reifenberg, our extensive experience and expertise in the realm of prototyping set us apart. We pride ourselves on efficiency, thanks to our arsenal of 30 internal prototype molds, known as base molds, and a wealth of know-how in pre-series pilot development. This formidable combination grants us the agility to adapt swiftly to your evolving requirements, ensuring your product’s rapid entry into the market. Moreover, components produced during the prototyping phase can seamlessly transition into the series production process.

Efficient Prototyping for Faster Success

Our paramount objective is to provide you with tailored solutions that precisely align with your needs. Recognizing that time and efficiency are pivotal factors in today’s fiercely competitive landscape, we place immense emphasis on the swift and accurate execution of your projects.

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Accelerating Your Product to Market

By optimizing our process chain, extending all the way to the injection molding process, we’ve created the ideal conditions to manufacture up to 1,000 prototypes within a short timeframe, all utilizing the original materials. This dedication to precision and speed empowers you to transform your innovative concepts into market-ready realities swiftly and effectively.



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