July 2023

Project Body Q

PROJECT BODY Q increases the (dimensional) accuracy of the article high customer satisfaction due to excellent long-term results guaranteed production reliability and dimensional accuracy robust tool construction ensures stable and smooth motion sequences optimal mould operation through exact guidance and control of the slide units Hover over the image to see the final product

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Project Hank

PROJECT HANK clean and quick article-covering via air cylinders ensuring trouble-free and long-term mould operation efficient and easy: Dismantling a cavity on your production machine ideal tool handling and implementation in your machine park ensured by efficient mould design Hover over the image to see the final product

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Project Runway

PROJECT RUNWAY excellent optics: separations on the article from the end customers and product consumers are not visible ideal mould processes and minimal maintenance through optimal coordination of the moving mould contour parts easy dismantling and assembly of individual parts are saving time and costs within your production (ER-quick maintenance principle) Hover over the image

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